One of the little-known secrets of successful, profitable direct mail strategies is something that would make many executives of corporations, or traditional graphic artists, cringe: copy on the back of the envelope.
That’s right, we have seen copy on the back of the envelope increase response by as much as 15%. It can be a powerful curiosity stimulator.
Copy that we have created for the back of envelopes typically consists of tease bullets that drive a person to open the envelope and to discover what’s inside.
Here are a few examples of copy for direct mail envelopes we’ve created:
For Wine of the Month Club:
“You’re invited to discover hidden wine gems from vineyards only insider know about…”
“Discover the ‘Cellarmaster’s Secret’ to getting two of the world’s finest wines for just $9.98. Plus, FREE Gifts valued at $152.95”

For a gold and silver promotion, we said:
“Inside: Five surprising reasons you’ll love these beautiful ‘Godless’ coins, including the fascinating story they tell…their rare beauty…and their surprising investment potential”
“See details and free checklist inside…”

For an investment newsletter, we said:
INSIDE: Learn how the revolutionary product inside could help you more than DOUBLE your investment. See page 10
PLUS…Charles Payne reveals his secret 7-PLUS system that can help you evaluate any stock you own or are thinking of buying. See page 3

For Bellazo, a private residential community, we said:
Why are the most affluent travelers settling for second-rate travel…in a petite-sized suite…in a crowded hotel…having to share a common elevator…waiting in line for service…for twice the price of true luxury?
Announcing a new concept in luxury vacation and business travel- worldwide…

  • Without timeshares, rental brokers or fractional ownership…
  • And as easy to reserve as a 5-star hotel room or resort…
  • But unmatched in privacy, luxury and service!


Here are some additional examples of back-of-envelope copy used by different organizations:
Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief organization:

This is the back-of-envelope copy used by the Wounded Warrior Project:

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