I’m about to give you a copy tip so effective, I’ve helped clients make many hundreds of thousands of dollars with it.
In direct response copy, always begin with your strongest selling point.
Many times when I read direct response copy written by a newbie, I notice they start out soft, saving their selling points to build to some sort of powerful ending. Or they make a series of selling points and save the strongest one for last.
Your prospect doesn’t have time for you to leisurely get to the point. They have a life to lead. Dinner to put on the table. As a marketer, you’re competing with their daily life and all the distractions of their day. 
If you don’t tempt them with your strongest selling point – immediately – they’re going to put your letter in a pile marked TRASH or delete you into oblivion. Another sale lost.
The key is to grab them immediately. Tell them right now that your offer will make their life infinitely better, more profitable, easier and more successful – major benefits.
This goes for direct mail, email, banner ads, video, landing pages—everything.
Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • I’m going to tell you about a natural health product that heals your aches just as well as prescription medications but with no side effects whatsoever. Not even one.
  • After taking my online career training course, a solid 70% of my students increased their current salary by 30% in the following 6 months.
  • Dozens of online investment newsletters promise great stock tips. But my service does more than promise great tips. It also teaches you the 18 foolproof criteria for identifying great stocks…so you can become your own high-powered Wall Street advisor.

When your prospect reads your message one thought that’s in his or her mind is: “Okay, what’s this about?” Make sure the very thing you do…is answer that question with your strongest selling point.
Sharply written direct response copy is an unbeatable tool to build leads and make sales. My creative team at Creative Direct Marketing Group is the best in the business, having won 87 industry awards in direct marketing, including four awards just this year.
Give us a call at (310) 212-5727 or email me personally at craig@cdmginc.com. Let us help you grow your business and double your profits.
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