Memorial Day has come and gone. Summer is here and we’re just weeks away from September…perhaps one of your most profitable months to market out of the year.

And right now is the moment you need to start planning, designing and crafting your marketing for the fall.

Historically, for online, electronic and postal campaigns, September will produce the second highest response of the year.

This seasonality lift impacts consumers and B2B marketers.

There’s also a specific reason inherent to 2018 that makes this September a watershed month for direct marketers.

This year by October, mail service, TV and online ads will be overwhelmed with political direct mail because of the November election. Online political marketing will be at a historic high. And radio and TV media prices will be shooting up.

Time is of the essence to take advantage of this September’s unique opportunities. If you need help with your offer, target list or creative, call me at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at


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