I just finished a guide book to marketing to the investors and the wealthy.Marketing and Advertising to Investors and the Wealthy

The book is aimed at equity crowdfunding, but the content is for all marketers. Besides explaining crowdfunding/the JOBS Act, the book gives a concise action plan for:

  • Integrated/Multichannel marketing (Chapter 5)
  • Custom Lists: The Power of your Database and Data Modeling (Chapter 6)
  • Powerful Direct Response Copy Secrets (Chapter 7)
  • Your Offer: Critical to Your Success (Chapter 8)
  • The Foundation: Direct Response Landing Page (Chapter 9)
  • Direct Mail: Specifically Targeting Your Audience to Generate High-Quality Investor Leads and Shareholders (Chapter 10)
  • Email: Effective Communication or Waste of Time? (Chapter 11)
  • Banner Ads: Powerful Lead Generation (Chapter 12)
  • Facebook: 8 Critical Tools for Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign (Chapter 13)
  • Pre-Roll Profits: The Commercial Before the Video (Chapter 14)
  • Retargeting to Dramatically Boost Response (Chapter 15)
  • How to Supercharge Your Marketing with “Look-a-like” Audiences (Chapter 16)
  • The Surprising Power of Amazon-Generated Data to Reach Investors (Chapter 17)
  • Video: The Power You Shouldn’t Ignore (Chapter 18)

23 chapters of little-known, time-tested marketing secrets all in one source.

If you want to learn how to use these powerful strategies to boost your marketing and response, click here to buy your copy of 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets for 20% off.


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