Seldom do I write or allow a ? mark in the headline or even copy of an ad.




Because it can be deadly.


It can depress response.


Let me give you an example:


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?


A headline like this immediately cancels out anyone who never had this thought.

Better to say something like…


Imagine owning your own thriving business in 6 months or less


Wow…even if I never wanted to own my own business that would catch my eye.


Here’s another example:


Did you know one phone call could lower your current health insurance rates?


Or how about:


One ten-minute phone call could save you hundreds in health insurance


There are exceptions, but they are rare. I recently wrote to investors interested in energy investing:


The Death of OPEC?


It worked very well… because it was a “shock” question.


But for most copy, avoid the question mark like the plague.


Sales copy isn’t asking a question. It’s a pitch. Questions leave your prospect in the position of turning you away. Don’t let them. Guide them through your copy with clear, exciting statements that guide them to the sale.


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