If you’re using direct mail, beware.


A paper shortage has hit us.


Coated and newsprint are becoming the hardest to get…And as the election approaches, the shortage will get worse.


If you use newsprint for a newsalog, advance paper buying is essential.


A lot of this problem is caused by government and special interests.


For example, North Pacific Paper Co. claimed that it faced unfair competition from Canadian paper mills. The U.S. Commerce Department agreed, recently slapping stiff tariffs on paper that the Canadian mills ship to American newspapers each year.


The action has benefited the U.S. mill – but is contributing to a huge increase in the price of newsprint.


The supply of newsprint has shrunk due to the closing of many paper mills – and an increased demand for newsprint by publishers in China. That shortage is contributing to the steep climb in prices.


Solution: Buy your paper in advance now.

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