I just got out of a meeting with a marketer who has a large database of former customers and former prospects. Over the years, many of these names that are over a year old have not been marketed to. This marketer had simply given up on these older customers and prospects.

How do you activate old names? Direct mail and digital certainly won’t work if the people are on lists that are two, three, or four-plus years old.

Still, this marketer was leaving a lot of money on the table. I explained that his company could be making a lot more money just by identifying specific names among the old customers and prospects: active buyers of products or services similar to his own product or service.

That’s right. There is a way to find out where the gold is hidden among the trash.

How is this done?

It’s done through advanced Modeling Database Identification (MDI).

Here’s how it works: Take a list of your former customers and run it through a database of active buyers of similar products.

This process identifies who among your former customers has bought a product or service similar to your own in the past. You can identify those who have actually bought or responded to a similar offer in the past 3 months, 6 months or one year.

We have found that you can still find great prospects that you can reactivate as customers from up to one year ago.

Creating a special direct mail piece, digital campaign or tele-sales for this group of people will produce even more profitability.

In fact, this approach can become a huge source of cash flow and profitability.

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