Here are the top 10 Direct Marketing Update articles from this year.

These are the articles that you must read….

These are the ones that were the most controversial.

They got the most comments, forwards, and shares.

They were the 2018 all-stars.

You won’t want to miss these!


10. Case Study: How One Box Subscription Service is Making Marketing Blunders…And What You Can Learn from Their Mistakes (3/28)

9.12 Strategic Keys to Generating Leads or Sales from “Skimmers” (3/6)

8. The Magalog: An Infomercial in Print (6/16)

7.19 Surprising Facts About Writing Long Copy (3/13)

6. How Wine of the Month Club Boosted Response Using Premiums (7/12)

5. How One B2B Catalog Achieved Skyrocketing Sales with 8 Direct Response Solutions (4/17)

4. 6 Costly and Common Direct Mail Blunders, Part 1 (5/10)

6 Costly and Common Direct Mail Blunders, Part 2 (5/16)

3. Pre-Roll Profits: The Awesome Commercial Before the Video (3/28)

2. Marketing Breakthrough: 5 Reasons Why Raising Capital for Your Business Has Never Been Easier (7/31)

1.Marketing to Seniors: 45 Special Advertising Insights [Updated] (12/13)

Bonus: 22 Surprising Marketing Trends for Political Campaigns [Update]

Most Calls and Emails: The Offer: Little Known Secret for Supercharging your Response [Crowdfunding Campaign]

Most Surprising: Marketing Survival Guide: 6 Little-Known Steps for Preparing for a Disaster