One of the most powerful and compelling ways to:

  • Create believability and credibility
  • Define your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Gain confidence and trust
  • Overcome skepticism
  • Bridge the gap between interest/action and leads/sales
  • Encourage interest and relationship

…is to tell a story – your company’s story – in a compelling way.

Consumers and business to business prospects love your company’s story – its history and origin.

Your “origin story” connects the reader with who you are – something no one else can say.

When you go to a restaurant – and it has the origin story – the entire experience becomes different.

Fiji Water did it in its beginning years to tell its story. On the back of every bottle, it says:

Island Chill ® Natural Artesian Water is bottled at an approved artesian source surrounded by the tranquil lush tropical rainforests amid the high mountain ranges of the main island of Viti Levu, Fiji. This unique and pleasant aura confines one of the purest waters on Earth that we deliver to you in this bottle. This is truly a gift of nature from the unspoilt islands of Fiji. 

Mike Landell of My Pillow does it simply and well – with passion and feeling on his TV commercials.

And Schlitz beer went from being 8th in beer sales…to number one, just by telling their story.

At the time (in the early 1900’s), every beer brand sold their product the same way – By telling the public that their beer was “pure.”

But when an ad agency suggested that Schlitz actually tell the story of how their beer was brewed – going through all of the different stages, including drawing water from pure artesian wells – their sales skyrocketed.

Soon, they became the number one selling beer in America – because they told their origin story.

Do you have an origin story to tell?

Your origin story can help you generate more leads and sales, and significantly boost response.

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