This week, I’m going to do something unusual in Testing Corner. I’m going to tell you the results of a magalog cover test and then work backwards to find out which elements increase response.

Remember, a magalog looks like a magazine, but it’s a sales piece (see video brief here).

But I’m not going to tell you which cover was the winner … not yet, anyway.

TEST: Take a look at the following two magalog covers for an alternative health newsletter. One of these covers generated an unbelievable 61% more response than the other.

Here’s the headline for Cover A:

If you are sick and do not use phytonutrient medicine—your life will be cut short by 10 years!

Here’s the headline for Cover B:

You can be personally helped—even cured—from the ravages of heart and blood vessel disease!

Results: Cover A got a 61% higher return. It used a specific number – 10 years – to capture the attention of prospects.

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