Integrated, multichannel marketing can help you have a breakthrough in generating leads and sales.

For example, some of my clients are investment newsletter writers, who must reach a very specific audience with their offer and know how to get prospects to say YES to an expensive yearlong subscription.

Direct mail – integrated with digital ads and other marketing assets – is a highly effective way to reach this audience ….and get a great response.

In fact, my marketing agency, Creative Direct Marketing Group, recently won our 90th industry award for an integrated campaign for Strategic Investing newsletter.

For this campaign, I used proven direct response strategies to generate new leads and get a great response to Strategic Investing’s subscription-based service.

Here’s what I did in the integrated, multichannel campaign:

  • Identified the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the offer
  • Chose the best mailing lists by using Advanced Data Modeling (ADM) that produced a transactional data look-alike audience
  • Created a powerful direct response magalog – similar to a magazine – to persuade prospects (see here for video brief on magalogs)
  • Sent digital components to the direct mail recipients – including email, banner ads, and Facebook ads
  • Developed digital look-alike campaigns, based upon the advanced data modeling
  • Deployed pre-roll commercials on YouTube to those receiving the direct mail – and a look-alike campaign

For Strategic Investing newsletter, the USP was the company’s unique identification of a powerful new cancer treatment developed by a little-known biotech.

Here’s what the cover of the magalog looked like, with the biotech researcher Dr. Jeffrey Miller:



Inside, prospects would find fascinating information about this under-the-radar biotech that’s poised to beat “Big Pharma” at its own game – and how to get similar stock picks as subscribers to Strategic Investing.

I then sent a targeted email series that complemented the magalog. Here’s what the email looked like for Strategic Investing:



Notice that this email has a picture of the magalog featured at the top. It reminds prospects of their direct mail piece….and powerfully reinforces the offer.

I also targeted investor prospects that received the direct mail with digital ads, including Facebook, native and banner ads.

Here’s a banner ad, below:



The banner ad generated curiosity in the offer…and had a powerful premium to entice prospects to click.


Using the strategy shown above, we were able to create a great response for Strategic Investing–  generating valuable new subscribers … and profits – for this investment newsletter.

If you’d like to discover more about creating a powerful, potentially award-winning print campaign for your own product or service, give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at


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