Why? Because…

In writing copy for a client, I’ll make sure we apply the all-important factors of “because.”

This copy rule is often overlooked and many times, the “because” is left out by copywriters.

When you apply the powerful word “because,” it provides a compelling and convincing reason of backing up a very important copy statement (like I just did).

This building block has been supported by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer. She conducted a study on the use of supporting reason.

As part of her study, she conducted an experiment that took place in an office using the scenario of people standing in a line waiting to use the copy machine.

One control group was given the following line to use, in order to skip the line: “I have five pages. May I use the copy machine?” The excuse was only five pages, but 65% of the people in line said “Yes.”

However, the second control group was told to say, “Excuse me. I have five pages. May I use the copy machine? I’m in a rush.” In this instance, 94% of the people responded with a “yes” and allowed the individual to cut the line. Simply because the powerful word “because” was introduced, which gave compelling reason for the individual to skip the line.

In writing sales copy and providing the “because,” you basically provide a good reason for the claim to have been made.

So, whenever you have a claim, especially in a headline or beginning of a copy presentation, think of the word “because.” Because, this gives evidence, proof and logic as to why your statement is correct.

And it will increase your response!

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