Facebook advertising can be powerful – It’s cost-effective, targeted and gives you multiple ways to reach your best prospects with your offer.

But you should always test different headlines to see what will get the best response.

I recently did a Facebook advertising campaign for FreedomFest, the nation’s largest conference for libertarians.

For this campaign, I ran one test for a retargeting ad that featured Candace Owens – the leader of “Turning Point USA.”

Both ads featured the same image of Candace, but with different headlines.

Ad 1 said, “Don’t forget: Your ticket to FreedomFest.”

Ad 2 said, “Reserve your seat today for FreedomFest 2019.”

Which ad do you think performed better?

If you guessed ad 2, you’re right.

Ad 2 got twice the response rate of ad 1.

Why do you think ad 2 did better? Leave a comment below!

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