If you’re like most companies, you should be using banner ads profitably. And you should be testing.

Why? Because banner ads offer great ROI when combined with retargeting. Let me show you a test where I increased the banner ad response rate by 187%.

In fact, most of my clients these days hire me to write banner ads that have retargeting, a technology that has helped dramatically change the profitability of banner ads.

With retargeting, the ad follows your prospect after they leave your landing page. This has turned a weak media into highly successful media.

So when a client was marketing an investment service for natural gas stocks, we tried a number of variables to see if we could increase the response. Graphically, the ads looked alike. But the copy was different.

Ad A

Cotton on Middle East crisis: 

“Massive Profit Opportunity for Investors”

Tension in the Middle East could send oil prices soaring by $30 per barrel, according to respected investment analyst Joe Cotton.

And–even if the crisis is averted–investors could still profit in select stocks.

Cotton, editor of Cottons’ Technically Speaking has written a FREE Special Report on how investors can profitably play the increase for potential 100% to 400% profits.

Ad B

“Oil Profit Explosion Ahead” 

Special FREE report reveals how you could make 5 times your money on select oil stocks.

Joe Cotton, of Cottons’ Technically Speaking analyzes how you can benefit from Middle Eastern and geopolitical uncertainties in the months ahead.

Discover Cotton’s strategies and how to invest in oil. 

FREE report – read here to find out more.

The winner was B – by 187%.

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