is an investment website – probably one of the largest in the world.

Despite their success, they saw existing ad revenue drop when the market dropped.

So, they came to my agency for help in increasing revenue and growth.

The Challenge

We were asked to create a campaign to:

1. Set apart (a subdivision of The Street) from – establishing as a premium service.

2. Re-design the existing home page and internal page to more aggressively up-sell and cross-sell.

3. Establish new premium products.

The Goal

CDMG’s goal was to develop a model of up-selling and cross-selling with direct response copy, graphics and strategy that would ignite a new stream of response, leads and sales.

The Creative Solution

1. Website redesign. CDMG redesigned and to follow direct marketing rules.

2. was positioned as a premium website. Overcoming the objections of all the free information available on, CDMG created a perceived value that excited investors to pay for the new premium product, exceeding the client’s expectations by 200%.

3. New product launches. We identified The Street’s most popular columnists and topics. They launched four successful premium newsletters, exceeding projections by 350%.

4. Cross-selling and up-selling. For each product, CDMG created:

  • Powerful email campaigns using direct response copy
  • Money-making banner ads for home and internal pages
 A shopping cart strategy using direct marketing principles to lower the abandonment rate

The Results became the largest premium website in America and had successful premium products to up-sell and cross-sell.

Badly needed new revenue was generated and a highly profitable model developed that would not only bring back, but exceed, past profitability.

How can you increase your leads or sales?

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