A landing page is one of the most effective, efficient and powerful ways to generate a lead or make a sale. With a product landing page, you’re able to focus your message on your target audience without navigation distractions, using direct response sales copy and graphics.

By its very nature, a product landing page will not have a navigation bar at the top, bottom or side because you don’t want your prospect straying from your core message.

The main sales copy should guide your reader to scroll down, leading to the bottom of the page where your reader can respond. It can also feature periodic hyperlinks that send the reader further down the page to a response area such as an order form or subscription box.

It’s important to follow direct response copy rules. More complex products will require more copy and less complex products will need less copy.

Don’t be afraid of long copy. Your copy will not be too long if you create palpable interest for your target audience and show them why it’s in their self-interest to respond.

You can also increase your response by having a sidebar. The sidebar is a terrific place to include testimonials, premiums and other tactics to help increase credibility.

If you use a sidebar, a key strategy is to place it on the right. Years of testing have shown that a left hand sidebar will distract from your main copy. Also, start it below your headline. This way the eye will catch the headline (and nothing else) first.

By now, the purpose of a landing page is probably clear: it’s all about guiding your prospect through the direct response copy to your offer. If your prospect is jumping all over your website, you’re giving them more opportunities to be distracted and abort any potential sale.

Every campaign I create, I have a compatible, dedicated landing page.

Among the various web strategies, a landing page is usually the most profitable for both consumer and business-to-business marketers.

Here’s a short video briefing.

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