In past issues, I’ve told you about the importance of making your lead-generation or ordering process seamless. If it takes your customers more than one or two clicks to process their orders or send you lead information, they will likely leave your site.

Let’s talk about how graphics can be used on your order form to help, not hinder, your response.

For the highest response, use graphics that direct, rather than distract, visitors.

#1: Eye flow. Use only direct response graphics. These are images that direct your prospect’s eye towards the sales points you want him or her to read.

Avoid using graphics that pull attention away or that make your order form look like a corporate brochure. Your graphics should encourage the sale of your product or service – not detract from it.

#2: Clarity. Make sure the images on your order form are easy to understand. All of your prospects should be able to know what you are saying and what you want them to do.

Keep in mind, your prospects will not take the time to decipher information that is not immediately clear.

#3: Comfort. If you’re selling, place the guarantee near the credit card information.

#4: Positive acceptance statement. Always use a positive acceptance statement, with powerful copy that defines your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

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