Launching a new product online or offline can be fun and profitable … or a heart breaking experience.

But there is a little-known secret to minimizing your risk and maximizing your return. That is:

Follow the proven direct response marketing rules.

That’s how we have helped many clients successfully launch their business or product, online and offline.

One example is

They wanted to launch new premium products through an investment newsletter service. And they turned to us for help.

So we recommended launching the newsletters based on’s most popular columnists, and we used powerful, long-format landing pages, emails, and banner ads to do this.

We focused on the brilliance of each individual newsletter writer and their unique style of analyzing investment opportunities and determining the best stock prices.

We highlighted success stories early and often.

We presented testimonials, examples, case histories … highlighted the benefits … made them a strong offer.

We gave the reader a sense that they would be all but led by the hand through the investment strategy of the particular newsletter they were interested in.

The results blew away the client’s expectations, exceeding projections by more than 350%.

Using this same secret, we also helped successfully launch a new brand of CBD oil …


Generating Profits and Growth


Whole Botanics has a CBD oil designed to help people alleviate pain without the harsh side effects and addiction-potential of pharmaceuticals. But, the CBD market is saturated.

So, to break through all the noise and clutter to achieve a successful launch and make money from the outset, we implemented a two-phase direct mail campaign.

In phase one, we tested a carefully crafted, powerful direct mail piece that consisted of an envelope, sales letter, and several other key components.

In phase two, we added digital elements for a multichannel, integrated campaign to the very same names we sent the direct mail to. This included emails, Facebook ads, and Google ads to increase sales and boost responses to the direct mail piece … and generate profitable online sales themselves.

This campaign has only been running for a month, so results are still pouring in … but so far, the client is calling it a successful launch.

One last example is the launch of Health Alert …

Health Alert today is the American dream come true. But when we first talked to the owners, it was still only a dream.

We turned it into a multimillion-dollar company using that little-known secret (aka direct response marketing) and implementing the following plan …


From Kitchen Table to Million Dollar Business


To start, we worked with Dr. West to create the newsletter’s branding, positioning, defending the unique selling proposition (USP), and personality.

We also developed a powerful offer to kick off the project.

All following the direct response marketing rules. 

The result?

From writing his newsletter on the kitchen table in a rented house, Health Alert grew to one of the largest health newsletters and supplement companies in America.

Despite recessions, market crashes, intense competition from large corporations, changing technologies, new media and communication channels, we helped build the company into the largest independent alternative health service in America.

You can do the same. To get you started, use this checklist …


Your 7-Point, Direct Response Marketing Checklist to Successfully Launch a New Product

Step #1: Know Your Target Audience

The foundation of any new product launch is properly identifying the target audience.

Knowing the target audience – their hopes, dreams, fears … what keeps them up at night – is critical to your success.


Step #2: Decide On The Most Accountable And Effective Media

Today’s options for marketing are many … but you must choose the best way to fully display your message.

For most clients today, we will do a targeted, integrated, multi-channel approach: email, Facebook, Google, pre-roll, postal – all to the same names.


Step #3: Create a Powerful Direct Response Offer

The offer you choose can make or break a successful launch.

What will your prospect get? Discount? Savings? Premiums? Guarantee?

Is it a “no-brainer” offer that is near impossible for the prospect to refuse?


Step #4: Use Only Direct Response Copy And Art

For all your marketing materials, follow the direct response copy rules for maximum response.

Then use the science of eye flow to create the largest readership with your art.

Many campaigns fall short because they use traditional advertising copy or editorial/journalism copy and art – not direct response copy and art.


Step #5: Define Your USP, Positioning, And Branding Properly

Critical to success is defining three elements:

  1. Your USP: Unique Selling Proposition. What makes your offer different from all others?
  2. Position: How does your product fit into the needs vs. the choices of your prospect?
  3. Branding: Name recognition makes a purchase an easy decision.


Step #6: Be Preemptive

What are the greatest objections to – or doubts about – your pitch?

Find out, and then address those concerns immediately to overcome objections.


Step #7: Test, Test, and Test

In any new launch, scientific testing of copy and offer is critical.

As I started by saying, launching a new product can be fun and profitable … or a heart breaking experience. But using direct response marketing principles will reduce your risk and help you experience higher response and profitability.

Do you have a new product to launch? We can help. Give us a call on 615.933.4647 or email