No one has even woken up in the morning and thought, “today I need to subscribe to another investment newsletter.”

But many have laid awake at night worrying about their investments …

Are they missing opportunities?

Are they taking too much risk?

Could they retire on schedule?

Could they survive another market route (like what we’ve seen as the Coronavirus makes its way to every corner of Earth)?

So, how do you get prospects to subscribe to yet another investment newsletter in a saturated market that’s dominated by the likes of Agora Inc. and other Goliaths of the industry?

You turn to CDMG … and two of our direct response specialties – newsalogs and integrated, multichannel marketing.

That’s what Strategic Investment did recently … and the results were so good, they produced a 10-to-1 return on investment, and boosted the newsletters subscribers by thousands.

Here’s how we did it …


The Hurdle:


Strategic Investment wanted to grow its subscriber base, but has a huge competitive disadvantage because there are more than 1,000 newsletters today in its niche.

Furthermore, the industry is consolidated so that one corporation dominates the marketplace.

This is truly a case of David versus Goliath.


The Solution:


To help Strategic Investment increase its subscriber base, our copywriters and digital marketers teamed up to develop a powerful integrated multichannel marketing campaign.

A major component of that was a newsalog.

A newsalog is an infomercial in print, but it looks and feels like a newspaper.

The advantages to this is that it stands out from the rest of the mail placed in mailboxes because the message is front and back on the covers, and it has an intrinsic perceived value thanks to the newspaper look and feel.

In fact, the newsalog has the added benefit of implied credibility.

Most people will flip through a newspaper they get in the mail, whether they’re subscribed to it or not, because it is inherently considered a source of interesting and / or valuable information.

If the message is strong enough, and the direct response copy rules applied throughout the piece, there is sufficient detail to pull the reader in more.

Using this creative solution, we demonstrated to prospective subscribers why Strategic Investment is different to all the other newsletters available.

We also incorporated a multi-channel digital component that included emails, landing pages, Facebook ads, native ads, and display ads … all coordinated to reinforce the message Strategic Investment was sending.

And transactional data modelling played a critical role in the campaign’s success.


The Results:


After the first campaign’s incredible success, we are now on the second campaign, mailing more than 1.5 million pieces.

Results so far have produced thousands of new subscribers, providing Strategic Investment a 10-to-1 return on the investment.

If you have a David and Goliath-style product or service that you’re struggling to market, give us a call or email us at 615.933.4647 or If we can help, we will … no strings attached.