Relevant online and offline direct response copy is always more effective.

Here are several things to think about when writing your copy:

  • Your prospects aren’t looking for hype … they are looking for answers to the problems that keep them up at night.


  • What are their biggest frustrations, headaches, obstacles? How can you provide a solution? If you can, then you are relevant.


  • What recent headlines or interesting news tie into your message? Using current news helps create a sense of relevancy.


  • Being relevant means clearly advertising benefits in a fresh way, where your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is integrated with your beliefs.


  • Finally, being relevant means being personal, not impersonal. You need to relate to the reader as a person who is interested in them.


Does your copy pass the relevancy test?

Is your prospect immediately deleting your emails, tossing your direct mail, or not reading your web page?

Correct those problems by writing relevant direct response copy.

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