Adjust your copy to your prospect’s/client’s reality during the pandemic. Here are 14 key copy points to consider:

  1. Address your target boldly. Don’t ignore your target market’s fears, hurts, and distress.
  2. Use preemptive copy. Thompson Creek Windows’ “Buying a New Window in a Recession….Are you crazy?”
  3. Recognize fear of the virus.
  4. Understand the fear of a weakened immune system.
  5. Sympathize with confusion and conflicting news.
  6. Business shutdown pain.
  7. Fear of catching the virus.
  8. Unemployment: fear of losing salary.
  9. Stock market crash and volatility.
  10. Fear of government.
  11. Fear of uncertainty.
  12. Retirement at risk.
  13. Business at risk.
  14. Future and dreams at risk.

Don’t sound fearful, but sound understanding. Don’t sound depressed, but sound hopeful…communicate a sense of anticipation and gratitude.

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