Many Direct Marketing Update readers can tell a good headline from a bad one, but how good are you at choosing the greater of three good headlines?

Let’s see …

The Test:

We created three headlines to entice prospects to try an online personality testing site called ActualMe. One headline focused on a you-orientation, another on branding, and the third on a benefit.

Here they are …

Version A: The Branding Headline

“What ActualMe Profile Are You?”


Version B: The You-Orientation Headline

“Get a FREE Personality Test in Less Than 2 Minutes”


Version C: The Benefit Headline

“What Kind of Communicator Are You?”

Before looking at the results, can you tell which headline performed the best?

The Result:

If you said version C did best, you’re right! It got a 25.17% conversion rate.

The next best performing headline was version B, with a conversion rate of 20.8%.

Conversion rates for version A came in slightly lower than version B, at 20.14%.

Do you know why?

What made version C – the benefit headline – the clear winner in this test?

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