3X increase in new customers… daily.

That is the result of a recent direct response campaign we created for a meal delivery service.


By using a little-known secret that we have perfected.

Let me explain.

Paid social advertising is a means of targeting a specific audience by creating advertising or sponsored messages on major social media platforms.

This strategy opens up prospects or marketing to clients on channels they frequently use.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is rapidly growing in both importance and popularity with responsibilities that go beyond simply sharing images and using hashtags. Social media is now responsible for engaging directly with a brand’s customers, maintaining a brand’s message and reputation, collecting valuable customer insights in real time, and providing customer support. To stand out from the ever-growing crowd of competitors.

Brands and businesses need to focus on building a convincing strategy with unique content that their audience responds to.

The A-B Split

The A-B split has been used for decades in direct mail campaigns. It has also been successfully adapted to interactive media for testing e-mail blasts, banner advertisements, websites and mobile app functionality… in addition to other uses.

Audiences are divided randomly into two groups: the control group and the variation group. These two sets of users are then shown essentially the same media except for a single variable; the results are measured to determine the success of the variable. The A-B split is also referred to as A/B testing, bucket tests, or split-run testing. Though A-B split testing has long been used in marketing, the internet allows practitioners to design and deploy tests more quickly, which significantly accelerates the design iteration process.

Diet Specific Home Meals Split Test

Recently, we were asked to help grow a food delivery company. Our client sold pre-prepared diet focused meals to its customers.

Their initial goal was to go from a regional only offering to a national level. The regional to national growth was why we were brought on but once we had a chance to review everything, we soon realized that new customers were an issue for the brand.

The Result

We reviewed all current advertising placements, focusing on transitioning advertising placements towards new customer acquisition and lapsed purchases.

Following the implementation and optimization that took less than one month, we were able to increase their daily new customers by 3X regionally, with a CAC (customer acquisition cost) of ~$95 on an AOV (average order value) of ~158. We also grew the LTV (lifetime value) of customer base by 36.7%.

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