Every marketer will be impacted by this year’s midterm election, whether you want to be or not.

You need to be aware of these facts.

Because of the primary elections, three things are happening when the state primary is scheduled:

  1. Clutter. The competition for attention becomes hard to breakthrough with the overwhelming numbers of political ads.
  2. Inventory. For digital ads, TV and radio, there’s less supply available.
  3. Costs. The costs go up. Your cost for lead or per sale goes up, your profitability goes down.

Let’s take a look at what happens:

Direct Mail Strategy:

If you’re using direct mail in any of the states when they’re hosting a primary… expect your response rates to be lower because of the intense political direct mail campaigns… if your mail is recorded at the same time. The mailboxes are jammed for about 3 weeks until election day. For example, Californian’s primary is June 7th – Each state is different.

TV and Radio:

If you’re using TV or radio, you’re already seeing the impact of rising prices and limited inventory in primary states.

Similar to digital ads, prices spike and inventory becomes scarce.

Direct Digital Ads:

And if you’re using any digital media, prices are increasing dramatically in a space that is becoming overcrowded quickly.

Here’s the estimated total of how much money political marketers will spend in the 2022 election cycle: $9 billion. 

Marketing Strategy:

How do you avoid the pain?

In a primary, avoid marketing in that state 30 days up to election date.

In the November 8th election, avoid marketing 45 days up to election.

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