When you are writing any kind of marketing material, don’t keep your readers waiting to discover your intentions.

Many copywriters make this fatal mistake – writing a long, cute introduction without telling the reader the point.

Don’t make your prospect read four or five paragraphs – or more – to find out what you’re selling. Be the expert for your reader. As a marketer, you’re competing with multiple distractions to drive attention and interest.

Remember, you have one chance at the start of the copy – so don’t be afraid to “fire your biggest gun” at that point.

Here’s an example of a strong opening:

I’m going to tell you about a natural health product that heals your aches just as well as prescription medications but with no side effects whatsoever. Not even one.

Or this…

Dozens of online investment newsletters promise great stock tips. But my service does more than promise great tips. It also teaches you the 18 foolproof criteria for identifying great stocks… so you can become your own high-powered Wall Street advisor.

Your prospects will keep reading when they immediately know what’s in it for them. Otherwise, they won’t stay interested. And you won’t make a sale.

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