An image-based advertising agency wants you to believe that no one can write sales copy like their clever copywriters.

Even great writers don’t necessarily write great copy.

More than perfect prose or even perfect grammar, powerful direct response copy will convince a prospect to respond to your offer.

There are tried and true formulas to creating effective copy for your campaigns.

Here is one formula I often use called The 4 P’s…

The 4 P’s is a basic copy formula to keep in mind while making sure you’ve included all of the core elements of effective direct response copy.

The 4 P’s include:

  • Promise. Catch your readers’ attention by promising them a benefit. Call it out in the headline, elaborate on it in the subhead and then expand further in your opening. Showing your readers what’s in it for them is the only surefire way to grab attention.
  • Picture. Help your readers imagine themselves enjoying the benefit or outcome you’ve promised. This approach appeals to your prospects’ emotional triggers. Specifically elaborate on how your product or service will make this benefit a reality.
  • Proof. Back up the picture you’ve painted with cold, hard facts: Statistics, research studies, charts, graphs, testimonials, third-party reviews, certifications, product photos and product demonstrations.
  • Push. This is more than just a call to action — it’s also delivering your irresistible offer and illustrating how much value your recipient will receive. Your goal is to link the promised benefit to the enticing picture to the acceptance of the proof…all to result in an action.

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Incidentally, I use four formulas as guides for award winning copy.

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