Like many companies, e-commerce online shopping site Shopee wanted to increase sales and improve their user’s experience, so the marketing team did a little research.

Their research showed that their customers wanted a shopping experience that was quick, easy, and seamless to make purchases. People also used the app to sign up for membership programs and to stay connected.

But more importantly, they saw that a large majority of their customers were using the Shopee app to make purchases — not the website. In fact, app traffic converted 20X better than on their website.

They knew they had to move quickly to develop a new strategy to make Shopee easier to use and bring customers directly to their app.

What did they do?

The team decided to use deep links to deliver a seamless experience across their mobile site and their app.

What are deep links?

Deep links (like hyperlinks) send users straight to specific in-app locations instead of a website. This saves users the time and energy of having to locate a particular page themselves — And it significantly improves the user’s experience.

The Results?

Before implementing deep links 20% of their customers landed in the app.

After deep links, Shopee saw an amazing 120% increase in checkouts, with 50% landing directly in the app.

Deep links enabled Shopee to connect more of their users directly to their app, which helped boost traffic dramatically and improve app conversions.

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