Streaming services are expected to continue to grow rapidly, surpassing traditional television viewing.

Streaming usage now surpassed linear cable/traditional TV in 2022, with a 34.8% share of television consumption through streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, or other platforms.

Because of this rapid growth, streaming services offering commercials and ads are growing.

Each service is navigating how best to offer the streaming service when the consumer has gotten used to no advertising.

Netflix started its ad-supported plan in November 2022. They are offering a subscription for $6.99, less than half the price of its standard subscription package.

Disney+ launched its ad-supported plan in December 2022 with over 180 different advertisers.

Discovery+, Peacock, Paramount, and Hulu were the first ad-supported streaming services.

With streaming TV advertising, advertisers and marketers can easily target their audience and reach them at the right time and generating more customers.

Streaming services will rise to 1.3 billion users/viewers by 2024. This growth will provide great opportunities for advertisers and marketers.

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