Dynamic new ad generates twice the normal response and crushes once-successful “control”.

The Marketing Challenge:

Commodity Trend Service launched a brand-new publication, Futures Options Weekly, with a display ad created by a freelance copywriter. While results were initially encouraging, the ad began to lose steam.

   To justify the costs of the ad and the expense of launching the new publication, Commodity Trend Service needed a significant lift in response.

The Creative Solution:

CDMG created a dramatically different ad, with all-new copy and layout. There were seven unique factors that made this ad stand out from the crowd:

  1. The headline called out the prime audience. Not just futures traders, but “Futures traders who hate losing money.”
  2. An emotional chord was struck with the line “You can STOP LOSING money and START MAKING futures profits.”
  3. The promise of big, quick profits were highlighted, with specific examples, including the total risk.
  4. All the benefits of this special new publication were clearly listed.
  5. The offer was made more enticing by two Free Bonuses, instead of one.
  6. Editor Nick Van Nice was featured to add personality to the ad.
  7. A testimonial by a noted commodity expert added “credibility”

The Results:CTS-old_add_new_add

Nick Van Nice writes: “The best way to describe CDMG’s direct marketing is ‘Outstanding response rates.’

“The new space ad just created has doubled our normal pull. It’s amazing what you guys can do with format and copy.

“We have big plans…and CDMG will be a vital part in us reaching our goals. You guys are the best!”

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