3-D lead-generation campaign pays for itself nearly 4 times over

Marketing Challenge

IPRO Tech, Inc. is the creator of the breakthrough litigation discovery software tools eCapture and eReview. These tools are designed to help corporate lawyers dramatically reduce the
time and expense required to sort, tag and redact electronic documents while keeping confi dential information secure.
IPRO was scheduled to exhibit at a well attended conference for top corporate attorneys. Driving traffi c to their trade show booth was critical for generating new leads and sales.
But with a limited budget, how would they compete with the expensive premiums that other companies regularly send to these top-tier professionals?
IPRO enlisted the help of Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. (CDMG) to create a direct mail campaign that would introduce IPRO to their prospects prior to the conference.
The campaign needed to accomplish these four important tasks:

1. Foil the gatekeepers. make it through the many levels of screening between the mailroom and the prospect.

2. Generate interest. The piece needed to grab a prospect’s attention and hold it—long enough to position IPRO as a leader in innovative litigation software.

3. Drive traf c. The mailing had to accomplish the fi nal step: Bring the prospect to IPRO’s booth at the conference.

4. Be simple to redeem. Some exhibitors use complicated schemes, like invisible coding that can be seen only under a blacklight. IPRO wanted something simpler that would be easy to relate to their product and booth.

With a tight deadline in front of them, the team at CDMG got to work.

iproCreative Solution

After careful analysis of the challenge, Creative Direct Marketing Group’s lead-generation solution was to develop a 3-D mailing package. To be competitive, it needed to tie in to IPRO’s product and have what CEO Craig Huey calls the “Wow Factor.”
Here’s how the campaign worked
One week before the trade show, packages were delivered via FedEx overnight shipping. This created a feeling of urgency, importance and curiosity—and the
package sailed past mailroom staff and personal assistants who are trained to fi lter out solicitations. These packages
are also more likely to be opened promptly.
Prospects opened the package to find something a little bit unusual: A money maze with a dollar bill trapped inside. Their next thoughts were likely, “How do I get this out? Who sent me this and why?”
That’s when he or she turned to the accompanying letter, set on simple letterhead “From the desk of Robert S. Salzstein, Esq.” Clearly identifying this as personal correspondence from one attorney to another added instant credibility.
Strong benefit-driven copy explained that the solution to the maze was simple if you knew the secret—and that two important solutions could be found at IPRO’s booth. There, IPRO would reveal how to solve the maze and explain the unparalleled time- and money-saving benefi ts of using IPRO’s software.
The copy included just enough information to make an impact, including how IPRO can reduce costs by 75%, save the prospect’s corporation $2 million a year and make their litigation team more effi cient.
The letter also included specific, persuasive examples of how companies have lost $26 million, $50 million and $1.2 billion without IPRO’s software.
Finally, prospects were invited to receive a valuable FREE Special Report about slashing e-discovery costs at IPRO’s booth.

Response-boosting Results

As a result of CDMG’s efforts and expertly designed 3-D package, IPRO’s conference appearance was a success—gleaning a list of qualified leads from a very skeptical audience.
With a 3.1% response rate, the IPRO team came to a pro table conclusion: The sale of just one software program would more than quadruple their ROI.