Direct marketing website lights fire under skeptical Canadian investors

The Marketing Challenge

Stock Pickers Digest is an investment newsletter for Canadians that targets subscribers age 50 and above. The objective was to increase the newsletter’s subscriber base through the Internet—not
an easy task in the crowded and competitive Canadian investment market.
In addition, Canadian investors are extremely skeptical. So introducing a direct marketing website in such an environment presented several distinct challenges:

• Overcome the skepticism.
• Make Stock Pickers Digest stand out.
• Motivate prospects to subscribe.

stock_pickers_digestThe Creative Solution:

• Build on the newsletter publisher’s personality and credibility by featuring his photo, biography and successful track record.
• Include testimonials of satisfied subscribers.
• Create the website exclusively for prospects—not current subscribers.
• Use persuasive direct response copy to highlight the newsletter’s unique benefits.
• Use a type font and size that are easy for seniors to read.
• Include no navigation options except “subscribe now” to avoid losing readers.
• Make the offer clear and compelling, and include a special quick-order bonus.
• Reinforce copy benefits, premiums and guarantees in the shopping cart area.
• Streamline the ordering process by not requiring too many clicks.
• Include several options for subscribing, such as an 800 number, mail, fax, etc.

The Results:

Response greatly exceeded expectations. Web orders grew from 4% to 41%, a 925% increase! This direct marketing website became a major generator of
new subscriptions despite the tough, skeptical market.
To view the Stock Pickers Digest marketing site, please visit