3-D direct mail piece attracts 14.56% response from skeptical investment crowd

The Marketing Challenge

Research Solutions (OTCBB: RSSS) is a California company with a data-mining technology that provides must-have research to pharmaceutical and technology
The company had a compelling story to share with investors, fi nancial advisors and investment newsletter writers, but had been unable to attract much attention
through traditional channels.
It needed a way to attract the attention of these core audiences, and turned to Creative Direct Marketing Group for the answer.
Our team decided that we could make a big splash for Research Solutions by holding a unique event in Hollywood, California, to introduce institutional investors and investment newsletter writers to the company and its management team in person.
The event would be combined with opportunities to see some of Hollywood’s most famous sights.

The Creative Solution

cdmg-hollywood-dreams-with-captionFor starters, our team knew they had to create an event that would entice our prospects to fly to Hollywood to hear the company’s story. With that in mind, we created an all-expense-paid 3-day conference that not only provided our prospects with all the details about Research Solutions, but also included:

• A tour of The Los Angeles Film School…
• Lunch at the famous Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Boulevard…
• A “Hollywood Dreams” chartered bus tour to see the Hollywood Sign, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Sunset Strip and more…
• An excursion to Universal Studios…
• Presentations about Research Solutions and contact with the company’s management team

We had just 4 weeks to attract prospects to this one-time event. Furthermore, we were mailing to a narrow target audience. For the event to be success, we’d have to generate a double-digit response from the mailing. The CDMG team knew that we needed more than a simple sales letter to make that happen. With that in mind, we developed a 3-dimensional (3-D) mailing package that our
prospects were practically forced to open.
A 3-D package makes use of oversized or odd-sized packages that have the appearance of a gift—and may include a variety of elements to engage the prospect.
They are usually sent by Federal Express or UPS, and are designed to get past the security or reception area unopened, and into the hands of our target prospect.
For Research Solutions, we sent prospects a cardboard box designed to look like a piece of luggage. Inside the luggage, we placed a number of items with a “Hollywood Dreams”
theme, including…

• A letter inviting them to the event, including an overview of Research Solutions
• An itinerary of the 3-day event
• Tickets to each of the planned activities
• A formal RSVP card with contact information
• A chocolate statue designed to resemble an Academy Award Oscar
• A faux Director’s Clapboard
• A Research Solutions fact sheet Results

A 14.56% response rate from newsletter writers and institutional investors.
Thousands of investors subsequently learned about Research Solutions because of coverage from the newsletter writers who attended the event.

Final Note

3-D mailing packages can produce stellar results when you offer a high-margin product or service to targeted, qualifi ed prospects. However, these pieces must be carefully planned and well suited to your message and offer. For more information, contact CDMG.