High-impact 3-D mailer introduces thousands of investors to little-known company

14.67% Response: Impactful creative brings top investment newsletter writers and institutional investors thousands of miles to discover company opportunity

Marketing Challenge

Miller Energy Resources (MILL) was an unknown energy producer with operations centered in Tennessee. However, a masterful $4.5 million deal resulted in Miller acquiring oil and gas reserves and
facilities in Alaska’s Cook Inlet valued at over $827 million.
The story was compelling, but failed to garner much interest in the investment world. It was imperative to have high-profi le institutional investors and top investment writers learn about the opportunity—and for the writers to introduce it to their readers.
CDMG strategized that the best way to generate investor momentum was to introduce the writers to the Alaska project in person. Visiting the newly acquired processing facilities, reserve
tanks and oil platform would allow Miller to tell a more convincing and credible story.
This was not an easy task as Alaska was thousands of miles away and the invitation required an immediate response with very short notice before the weather made the area too cold and uninviting for 9 months.

miller_energyCreative Solution

The CDMG team immediately went to work developing a two-prong approach to grab attention and create the desire for getting this audience to virtually
“drop everything” and come to Alaska.


A Conference and Adventure in One First, the team created a plan for an all-expense paid 3-day conference to attract, educate and inform the newsletter writers and institutional investors of the value found in Miller Energy—and to create an Alaskan getaway adventure that included:

• A helicopter tour over the Cook Inlet
• A visit to Miller’s oil platform
• A guided Alaskan fishing excursion
• Multiple presentations and contact with Miller’s management team


A High-Impact 3-Dimensional Mailing Package CDMG’s team chose a 3-dimensional (3-D) mailing package as the best medium to draw the most people to the event.
A 3-D package places a compelling sales message in a box with a variety of dimensional elements. It’s typically sent via FedEx—and commands enough attention to get past the gatekeeper and to the target recipient.

1. It has the ability to immediately grab attention and stand out from all other solicitations the prospect receives.
2. It’s compelling in a way that generates interest in the trip, and explains the investment opportunity to those who are unable to attend.
3. It tangibly communicates the benefits of the 3-day conference and the adventure awaiting the prospect in Alaska.

The prospects received a curious 2.5-pound package via FedEx. Inside was a professional fishing tackle box fi lled with items related to the conference, Alaska and the fi shing adventure, including…

• A formal letter of invitation, including an overview of Miller
• An itinerary of the 3-day event
• A formal RSVP card with contact information
• Premium soft-packed Alaskan salmon
• Professional salmon fishing lure
• Travel postcards featuring highlights of Alaska
• A souvenir Alaska key chain
• A Miller fact sheet


A 14.67% response rate from newsletter writers and institutional investors.
In addition, during the 60 days following the conclusion of the conference, Miller’s stock price increased from $4.91 a share to $8.39 a share—an increase of 70.88%. Thousands of investors subsequently learned about Miller because of the newsletter coverage. This represented an exceptionally high return on investment.

Final Note

With a list of carefully targeted, qualified prospects with a high-margin product or service, 3-D mailing packages can produce stellar results. However, 3-D mailing packages are not a magic bullet. They must be carefully planned and relevant to the marketing goals and well suited to the message and offer.
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