How fast did Barack Obama pick up twitter followers?
At a rate of 3,314 per minute.
As for a celebrity or household brand, it often takes months if not years to reach the milestone of 1 million followers. I haven’t come close yet with my two Twitter accounts (Election Forum 4,398 followers & Craig Huey 1,025 followers).
But President Barack Obama cracked the one million followers mark less than five hours after sending his first tweet from the new @POTUS account.
As of this writing, he has 2.79 million followers.
The President’s official account – @BarackObama account, run by his staff, has 60.8 million followers.
He’s quickly closing in on Bill Clinton, who has 3.71 million followers since he joined Twitter in April of 2013.
Clinton’s follower count is also a mere few hundred thousand followers fewer than his wife and 2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who has 3.72 million followers.
Wow, compare that to
Rand Paul:  634K
Marco Rubio:  751K
Jeb Bush:  213K
Scott Walker:  143K
Ted Cruz:  455K
Mike Huckabee:  370K
Bernie Sanders:  385K
Donald Trump: 3.04 million
Carly Fiorina:  373K
Bobby Jindal:  187K
Rick Perry:  295K
Rick Santorum:  233K
With the exception of businessman Donald Trump’s already-established following, the Democrats are light-years ahead of the Republicans in marketing and social media.