When marketing content, native advertising, a blog or a newsletter – even an article or press release – you want to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Note: For more on content/native advertising, see our article The Buzz: Native Advertising… or Content Marketing.
This is especially the case now that Google is creating its own description that shows up in your prospect search result.
More and more Google is ignoring specific description you write and creating it themselves.
So what is your best choice and strategy?
1. Headline – Make sure that your content includes your keyword/keyword phrase in the headline. In fact, if possible, let it be the first word or two words of the title.
2. Consider a subtitle. Because this will help in the SEO. Again, the keyword should be as close to the subtitle as possible.
3. In the content itself, include the keyword several times.
This brings up the issue of keyword density. Normally, a density for Google keyword these days should be 2 to 3.
The easy way to figure out the keyword density is to use the SEO Tool Keyword Density Checker if you are using WordPress.
Or use Keyword Density Checker from SEOBook.
Or you might want to do it the old fashioned way:
Keyword Density = (# of times used divided by # of words in article) multiplied by # of words in keyword phrase.
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