Most of your prospects won’t take the time to read a sentence more than once. So make sure every sentence in your direct marketing campaign hits home the first time around.
In writing offline and online direct response copy, keeping your sentences simple is an important rule to remember.
Here are 5 rules to follow when constructing sentences:
1. Don’t use more than 5-10 words in each sentence.
2. Each sentence should be easy to read, containing only one idea.
3. Speak directly to your prospect using “you” orientation.
Here is an example of a “you” sentence and a non-“you” sentence:
“You” sentence: Discover the facts you need to know to keep yourself and loved ones safe from fires.
Non-“you” sentences: This information helps to prevent fires and includes tips on how to stay safe.
4. Keep the sentence simple and to the point. Don’t use “empty” words.
Here is an example of a complicated sentence and a simple sentence:
Complicated sentence: Don’t invest in a stock that hasn’t shown a record of success, but instead only invest in first-tier stocks, or you run a risk of losing profits and principal.
Simple sentence: Invest only in time-tested stocks or you run the risk of losing profits and principal.
5. Sentences should be conversational and clear.
Forgetting the rules is death to your copy
Always remember, direct response copy must be readable copy. It should flow so well that your prospects won’t even realize they’re “reading copy.” Don’t give your prospects a reason to slow down or analyze. And always keep the flow going with simple, understandable words and sentences.
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