In marketing to businesses, you need to get past the clutter, gatekeepers and anything that would interfere with commanding the attention of your prospect.
You want them to raise their hand. You want them to engage in conversation. What are the best ways to do it?
Here are 5 tips:
1. Three dimensional mail cuts through the clutter and gives extraordinary response rates.
Three dimensional mail is one of the best ways to take a small business-to-business target audience and gain response. I’ve gotten as high as 90%.
With three dimensional mail, you can break through the barriers. Sometimes a three dimensional piece is one piece, sometimes it’s a series of two or three. Essential to three dimensional mail will be a phone call follow-up.
I explain all of this in detail in my video briefing, “3-D Marketing,” click here.
2. Use a videolog to shake up the hardest, most reluctant prospect.
We all know the power of video. But how do you get someone to watch the video? You do so by having it automatically play when they get a direct mail piece. They open it up, and the video plays. Powerful.
If you haven’t seen one in action, watch my video briefing, “Videolog,” click here.
3. Have a powerful landing page that tracks with your marketing materials.
Need more detail? Click here to watch my video briefing, “Landing Pages vs. Websites.”
4. Have retargeting and banner ads for anyone who’s visited your landing page.
Need more information? Click here for a video briefing, “Why retargeting is a game changer.”
5. With business to business marketing, you want to have a powerful conversion series in play. A conversion series is normally three to eleven parts.
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