Personalizing direct mail or email can increase your response… especially to your leads and/or clients.
But many times marketers make major blunders.
Here are 3 rules to live by when using personalization:
1. Overpersonalization. Don’t over personalize. Depending on the data you have about your client or prospect, it is critical that you allow your copy to naturally flow so it doesn’t feel forced or insincere.
Your clients do not expect or want you to know everything about them. But it is powerful to use some personal information to build relationships with your clients and/or prospects and make them feel special.
2. What to use. Your prospects and clients do want to see their names. But also refer back to the number of years they have been customers or make reference to any products they bought in the past.
For example, when creating copy for a fundraiser, know the past contribution your contributor has already made. If your contributor has donated $50, you should make that your minimum amount suggested, in the hope of doubling or tripling the donation.
3. Use a P.S. Just like in your direct response letter, the P.S. is one of the most-read parts of the letter, so this is a good area for personalization.
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