Beware of a common response vampire: the use of warm-up  copy in your opening paragraphs.
Nothing kills leads and sales faster.
You find this in direct mail, email, landing pages, TV and radio commercials, and more.
Warm-up copy is when you waste three or four paragraphs preparing for the meat of your sales message rather than getting right to the point.
Getting to the point makes your advertising explode with active reader involvement. It’s a dramatic, compelling, and powerful way to create interest.
In theory, the warm-up is designed to set up the “story” of your sales pitch and explain why it’s in your prospect’s self-interest to respond. However, the actual result of the warm-up is depressed response every time.
Oftentimes, when I take a look at copy from novice copywriters, I will immediately scratch off the first three or four paragraphs because the meat of the sales copy is hidden further in the marketing piece.
Let me show you what I mean.
Here are 2 openings for a stock analysis system:
Opening #1:
“Choosing stocks is never easy for the novice investor. There are so many systems and variables. Do you choose something long term? Or is it better to invest in a riskier stock and have higher potential for big profits?
“As a leading stock analyst, I’ve helped people like you learn how to make more money.”
It’s not a bad opening. But it’s a warm-up.
Opening #2:
“Let me tell you how you can make 145% in investment profits this year.
“You see, as a leading stock analyst in a major Wall Street investment firm, I developed a foolproof stock picking system that brought consistent returns of over 145% for the last 10 years.
“A system so bulletproof I’ve been called ‘The most consistent stock analyst in the business.’ And now I’m making my system available to the average investor.”
Right away your prospect knows:

  • Who you are (a major investment player)
  • Why you’re writing (to offer investment advice to the average investor)
  • What you’re offering (a strategic, consistent stock picking system)
  • How it benefits their lives (145% returns)

Take a look at your current sales copy. How many paragraphs do your prospects have to read before they understand your sales pitch?
Grab their attention and tell them you’re about to make their life better.
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