Let me AromaSpatell you how you can improve your conversions
One of my clients, Variel Health International, wanted to boost sales for Aroma Spa portable aromatic steam capsule.
However, this unusual B2C aroma therapy spa posed a number of tough marketing difficulties.
First, the product was virtually unheard of. Second, would consumers balk at the unique medical benefits of this alternative booster and body detoxifier?
Finally, Aroma Spa was a large-ticket item with units starting at $1,000.
How could we make this luxury product stand out and invite middle-income and affluent households to purchase it?
So, the first step was the right data. My team went to work to identify the most responsive prospects.
Next, my CDMG team conceptualized and mailed a dynamic, response-generating direct mail that would drive recipients to purchase this luxury item.
A cornerstone of the project was an in-depth direct response video recreated
To motivate recipients to buy, Creative Direct Marketing Group strategized these goals:

  1. Overcome consumer skepticism by focusing on its proven, testimonial-laden benefits and technologically easy-to-use features.
  1. Create a dynamic copy script “infomercial video” that used direct response copy script.
  1. Use moving images and illustrative storytelling to reveal the full story of the product; one that’s educational, demonstrative, and interesting.

The 14-minute video Full Steam Ahead to Good Health featured customer testimonials filmed in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings while enjoying the health benefits and healing properties of Aroma Spa. Specifically, a female was shown on camera for the installation scene, proving the claim that the 5’6’’, 68-pound units is both portable and plug-n-play.
Once a lead was generated, it was a must for the prospect to see the video.
So, CDMG created a follow-up letter with a trustworthy feel perfected by holistic medical expert Dr. Andrew Weil’s photo and product testimonial. Included was a product of shot of his best-selling book, just one of the FREE gifts offered with an early-bird spa purchase.
Next, prospects received first-class mailed gift box, bursting with tangible information pieces that provided an in-depth, relaxing experience for each recipient. CDMG created the package in an elegant purpose; every element was scientifically crafted with the words and pictures together that captured the differing and interests and needs of the audience.
To overcome even the highest skepticism, a 16-page, fact-filled Special Report (really a magalog. See video briefings on magalogs here) contained the creative concept that pulled readers along the buying slope: Ancient healing secrets and modern medical research behind this health breakthrough.
An AromaSpa Fact Sheet contained FAQs, and all the information a prospect needed to make an order. It included the $100 Special Savings Certificate as a Special Bonus.
Finally, the package was completed with direct response essentials: Medical expert testimonials, customer testimonials including those using AromaSpa for reasons like better health, better athletic enhancement, better respiratory performance, 100% in-home trial money-back guarantee, Toll-Free order and Help line; a FREE Euro-Spa Deluxe Accessory Package and of course, Dr. Welli’s FREE book.
A winning product and winning campaign are irresistible to an interested audience. CDMG, Inc. helped increase in-homes sales of the Aroma Spa 100% over previous efforts. The Product has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Home & Garden TV, The Price is Right and numerous morning TV shows around the country.
Done correctly, using video as part of an integrated campaign creates a sense of familiarity and comfort, while overcoming unconscious skepticism through story telling—our most natural and receptive way to communicate.
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