Stanley Steemer, Carpet Cleaner

Improving your direct mail and email copy strategy can pay off big time.
Take Stanley Steemer.

  1. New Segmentation Strategy:

Steemer changed its segmentation model.
a. Customer engagement
b. Purchase behaviors
c. Offers
d. Branch and franchise groups
The company focused on shaping which emails it sends to different customers, depending on their purchases or lack of activity on the website.

  1. Email Strategies:

Steemer sends out three emails a month:

  1. A promotional email.
  2. A content-driven email, which discusses new products and services, as well as tips to keep your home clean.
  3. Another promotional email.
  1. New Welcome Strategies:

The company improved its welcome series, and included fresh content and updated design.

  1. Smarter Direct Mail:

Stanley Steemer has altered and updated its direct mail strategies too, sending different mail pieces to consumers based on their purchase behavior.

  1. Reactivation:

The company even debuted a trigger program for incomplete or cancelled orders, which has increased open rates by 50%
And the results?

  1. The company has experienced a 33% increase in response rate through its direct mail offerings.
  2. 200% increase in response rates after its first acquisition campaign
  3. 20% increase moth-over-month in online bookings

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