Magalog Example (Credit: Creative Direct Marketing Group)

“Magalogs” are an infomercial in print.
Few marketers use magalogs. But because they produce such a powerful response, marketers should.
In direct mail, the most common formats are:

  • Envelope mailings
  • Postcard mailings
  • Self mailers

There are other formats, including magalogs, catalogs, bookalogs (see video brief here), three-dimensional mail (see video brief here) and much more, like the new videologs (see video brief here).
The magalog has been growing in popularity. It is an excellent way to dramatically present your product or service.
The diversity of the magalog
I’ve create magalogs that market a diverse range of products and services, such as business-to-business software, products for human resources directors, reverse mortgages, alternative health products, and investment products and services.
Achieving the right look
The cover of a magalog should look like the cover of a magazine. The picture above shows two examples of magalogs I have created for clients. The top magalog was used for business-to-business marketing, while the other was used for consumer marketing.
The inside should look and feel like a magazine, with sidebars and pictures with captions.
But there is one thing that this is very different from a regular magazine. The lead art flows from the page to the end.
A magalog, to be viable, must be 16 pages. Many that I create are up to 28, even 32 pages.
I just completed a new magalog for a client—having marketed over 60 million for them. Magalogs can be very profitable.
The copy and art must follow the direct response rules to be powerful.
Here is a video brief on magalogs where I show more examples in detail. Click here.
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