Deadlines increase sales! (Credit:

Consumers tend to pay more attention to your product or service when you offer them a discount or a “special” offer.
However, how much more of a response do you think you would have if you attached a timeline to your discount or special offer?
A test was conducted to show how consumers responded when given two limited-time offers to react to a discount.
Test: A $100 savings was offered to those who registered and paid before the May 30th and June 15th cut-off dates. The promotion was advertised toward the bottom of the website’s offer page and within the sign-up box. An email was sent promoting the offer on the morning of the day each offer expired.
Result: In the first test—From May 8th to May 28th—there were 33 sales at 1.57 sales per day. And from May 29th to May 31st there were 37 sales with 12.33 sales per day. In the second test—from June 1st to June 12th—there were 9 sales at .75 a day. And from June 13th to June 15th there were 27 sales with 9 sales a day.
Sales increased by an average 992.68% during the three days before each deadline.
This proves a sales letter specifically reminding people that they “are going to miss out if they don’t react immediately” plays such an important role in a campaign with a sales deadline.
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