Bamahas Prime Minister
I just got back from speaking at the Global Financial Summit in Nassau, the Bahamas. Here is Shelly  and I with the Bahamian Prime Minister.
I spoke several times.
Huey Right Side Up Bahamas
Here is my talk on the upcoming U.S. Election, and which candidates would be best for the economy.
Here is Caleb:

Caleb Huey Speaking at a Conference

Caleb Huey speaking at one of the                      conferences

Check out this photo here!
Craig With Other Speakers in Bahamas
On my left is Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation, Ziad Abdelnourof  Blackhawk Partners, then me, and finally Dan Mitchell of the CATO institute.
Let me know if you want any more details about what happened at the Global Finance Summit in the Bahamas? Contact me at 310-212-5727 or email me at