Direct Mail (Credit: Reliance

IPRO Tech, Inc., the creator of breakthrough litigation software tools, came to CDMG because they needed to stand out in a fiercely competitive field and successfully pitch their product to notoriously skeptical corporate lawyers.
IPRO was scheduled to exhibit at a well-attended conference for top corporate attorneys. Driving traffic to their trade show booth was critical for generating new leads and sales.
But with a limited budget, how would they compete with the expensive marketing and premiums other companies regularly sent to these top-tier professionals?
My team and I got started on creating a 3-D direct mail package that would not only stand out and get opened, but would be memorable enough to drive traffic to IPRO’s booth at the conference.
One week before the conference, we sent out the packages via FedEx overnight shipping, creating a sense of urgency, importance, and curiosity.
Inside the package was a money maze with a dollar bill trapped inside, accompanied by a personal letter. The money maze immediately grabbed their attention, and the strong benefit-driven copy in the letter invited the prospect to the conference.
There, at the conference, IPRO would reveal how to solve the maze and explain the unparalleled time and money saving benefits of using IPRO’s software.
The letter included information about how IPRO can reduce costs by 75% and save the prospect’s corporation $2 million a year. It also promised a FREE Special Report at the conference.
The results: 3.1% response rate from a traditionally very skeptical audience.
As a result, IPRO gleaned a list of very qualified leads. Any they only needed to sell one software program to more than quadruple the money they spent on the marketing.
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