Fast approaching is the 2016 General Election. It will have two huge effects on marketers from September 1 through November 9.

  1. The marketing channels will be overwhelmed by political messages. Direct mail, radio/TV, email, banner ads—everything—will be huge clutter. Bottom line: your message will be lost.
  1. The costs will spike. Almost all media will increase their costs as inventory declines and insane prices are raised because the political consultants will pay outrageous fees and get bigger commissions.

Bottom Line: Your cost per lead/cost sale will shoot up as your media costs skyrocket.
The best strategy? Cut back on your marketing from September 1 through November 9. In certain media—like TV—expect to see costs soar. It’s better to switch to other media that will not reflect the increase in costs, like direct mail.
This change in marketing will also mean adjusting your budget to go heavy in August and after the election.
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