The Cable television giant The Weather Channel wanted to expand the reach of their advertising by offering small 10-second ad spots to local businesses all over the country.
Check out how I helped them:
The Big Question
How do you best reach skeptical small businesses with a new offer not on their radar?
CDMG’s Marketing Strategy:

  1. Create and position a sizzling direct response offer to prospects, one that small businesses would
    find mouthwatering and irresistible.
  2. Create a dynamic direct mail package and landing page that would build ad sales leads-and result in
    hundreds of new network advertisers.
  3. Utilize persuasive direct response copy and vibrant direct response art that adhere to proven direct
    marketing standards to build trust and credibility.

CDMG’s Plan:

  1. We created a powerful offer that was impossible to turn down. For $495, the small business would
    get 360 individual ads with voice-over and graphics…all created FREE.
  2. We created a direct mail package that outlined the offer with motivating direct response copy.
  3. Then we created a direct response landing page, following the rules that have been proven to increase response.
  4. On both the direct mail and landing page, a no-obligation “advertiser’s kit” was teased to give interested businesses a way to find.

The Results:
We created a new stream of leads for The Weather Channel’s ad department to convert and increase the organization’s profitability.
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