Generating leads or sales often needs thinking outside of the box … like testing a magalog.
At first glance, you think you’re looking at a special interest magazine chock-full of important, timely information. The plush cover promises fascinating articles, refers you inside to page numbers where you can learn more. Inside are articles and side bars, just like a normal magazine sent to you by mail.
By the time you realize you’re holding a full-color sales piece—a magalog—in your hand, you’re hooked.
That’s the key to how magalogs have made many direct marketers very successful. They offer hard facts using direct response copy and graphics to an information-hungry and/or skeptical prospect. And they get through to people because the format is unexpected. Magalogs can be for both consumer and business-to-business marketers.
The magalog is an infomercial in print. It is used for generating quality leads or sales.
The magalog format has been so exciting and successful that even some traditional retailers are experimenting with it. Magalogs are a minimum of 16 pages long and up to 28 pages.

One example of one of our magalogs

For business marketers, a major advantage is that the magalog has a far better chance of getting by the prospects’ mailroom and screener right to their desk.
The magalog can also be used as a presentation at a trade show, carried by a salesman or as part of a fulfillment package. It can become your most successful marketing tool.
Plus it can be turned into an online version.
Here are 7 tips that will help you create a magalog that’ll make your product stand out:
Tip #1
Create a front cover that grabs your reader and doesn’t let go.
Your front cover is what people notice first. Tease your reader inside, promise substantial information, and encourage them to see specific pages (include the page numbers!) for fascinating articles.
For best results in extending the life of a magalog, change the teaser copy and art of the cover, just as you would on an outer envelope. And don’t forget to test several front covers against each other.
Tip #2
Use pages 2 and 3 to make your magalog a success.
What you do with pages 2 and 3 can make your magalog a success or failure. Be sure to have a human element on both pages.
Page 2 should be a letter from the editor stating the purpose of the magalog.
Page 3 should start your main article.
Tip #3
Include a lead article.
The strongest response magalogs have one well-focused, single-themed main article that sells the product or service and pulls the prospect to the order form at the end.
Separate articles do work, but they are riskier and need independent justification.
Tip #4
Use side bars liberally.
Side bars are small articles that accompany a lead story in a newspaper or magazine. Editors use them to break out and expand on a point or give a different perspective. You can use them for that, or use them to highlight a benefit, make a call to action, offer a free special report, or draw attention to the order form.
Tip #5
Woo your prospect with your order form.
The last two or three pages of your magalog are an extremely powerful place to put your order form.
Pack extensive information on the bonuses and guarantees and if appropriate discounts.
Most importantly, don’t forget to include clear instructions, a savings certificate, and your money-back guarantee.
Tip #6
Use the back cover to sell information and add product credibility
Your back cover is one of the most powerful places to place thought-provoking copy.
Use it to influence your prospects into turning the page and reading what’s inside the magalog immediately. Make them want to read the entire article, and make it easy for them to find the facts by using bullets.
Another important element to consider adding to the back cover is one or more testimonials. They’ll add an element of human interest and let your prospect know that this is a product they can trust.
Tip #7
Make your magalog look professional
Your magalog represents your product. Use 4-color throughout, and a substantive paper weight (60 lbs. for the cover and 50 lbs. for the inside pages).
To save money, create a magalog that is 16, 20, 24, 28, 0r 32 pages. Printers usually work in pages of 4 or 8 and can sometimes give you an event better rate if your magalog’s pages are in multiples of 8.
Create a breakthrough
If you’re looking for a breakthrough marketing promotion that will deliver better than average response, or if you’re looking for a way to distinguish yourself from your competitor, consider the magalog. Magalogs can be the creative solutions to help you meet aggressive marketing goals.
Check out this 1-and-a-half-minute video “Creative Direct Marketing Group: Magalogs” to learn more:

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