At your company’s next meeting, empower your staff with tools, tips, and strategies from me. After all, I am recognized as the direct marketing industry’s “authority on accountable advertising.”
In his comprehensive, fast-paced presentations, I reveal my private tactics for supercharging leads and sales, personalized to your company. Your team will learn how to make any direct marketing campaign a winning success … no matter what your industry … no matter what your product or service.
I have given my bootcamp worldwide to over 700 companies and organizations … some for intense 2 hour, 8 hour, 1 day, and 2 day sessions.
Business to Business, Business to consumer, small and large corporations have all had me critique their marketing and train and challenge their staff.
Using proven strategies, branding, tactical, and media copywriting and direct response art strategies, I will walk your team through every aspect of successful campaigns.

Peppered with real-world examples and success stories, my empowering presentations explain step-by-step how to create winning marketing campaigns in any economic climate.
Your team will discover new ideas and concepts, think outside the box, learn what you may be doing wrong and establish a vision and goal for the future.
Best of all, I can tailor the presentations to your company’s current needs, covering subjects like …

  • The latest marketing breakthroughs
  • The new integrated marketing best practices
  • The Facebook revolution—what you are overlooking
  • 12 critical rules that make or break a campaign
  • Why the right offer is critical to your success
  • 7 copy rules you should never break
  • What never to do on the last page of a sales letter
  • Why many landing pages kill results
  • 7 overlooked techniques that can double your conversion rate
  • Keys to separating good copy from bad
  • The #1 Banner ad blunder that direct mailers can make
  • The 14 secrets of choosing successful data
  • The 7 critical objections you must overcome

Your company will gain fresh new ways to apply marketing principles to your direct mail and digital efforts … principles your company can use immediately to boosts your response rates. You could see sales climb in as little as two weeks.
Don’t wait. Call (310) 212-5727 today to reserve one of my limited 2017 openings. Or, for more information, email me at