If you can boost your renewals or conversion rates by 10% … 20% … or even 30%, it will translate into a powerful increase in profits.
I have created over 100 renewal and conversion series. These are critical to your success.
Let me tell you about one company that won a gold award for newsletters.
Jay Taylor’s Gold and Technology newsletter needed to increase their membership rates.

Our challenge was to fight off intense competition and convince members who were not making too much money in the “down” gold and technology investment market to stay with Jay Taylor and his Gold and Technology Newsletter.
The Objectives

  • With a string of bad luck plaguing the market, Jay Taylor desperately neede to convince his skeptical readers to continue subscribing.
  • Our goal was to improve upon Jay’s past renewal rate—the one from before performance began to decline!—by at least 25%.
  • We had to position Jay as the best resources for his readers, even though recent experience had already told t hem this was probably not the case.
  • To create an email series that would be effective if his stock picks were up or down and required minimal updating.

The Creative Solution

  • We created a series of 7 to 12 contacts warning subscribers of major market trends that they should be aware of—but won’t be unless they renewed.
  • We aggressively repositioned Jay Taylor as a market insider who knew the upcoming trends that could get their investments back on track.
  • Every effort had value … something the reader would want to know … not just focusing on pure sales.

In this series, these efforts were carefully spaced to have maximum impact in this automatic [?] series.
The Results
Jay Taylor’s newsletter increased renewal rates of readers 48% over past renewal rates, beating the 25% increase objective.
The 11-part series again proved that value of not giving up on your subscribers and developing strong relationships.
This campaign won the NC “Gold Award” for its results.
Right now, I’m working a different campaign that is a combination of email, Facebook, and banner ads—all to the same members.
Want to have a similar, success “Gold Award” campaign for your next marketing program? Call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at craig@cdmginc.com. We’ll work hard to ensure the best response and highest profits!